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9XHOST.NET Knowledgebase

Please be sure to read through our comprehensive Knowledgebase before requesting Technical or Sales/Billing support. In our Knowledgebase, you can read detailed articles and see live demos regarding different aspects of your 9xhost.net hosting account. You can save yourself a lot of time by checking for your answers first in the 9xhot.net Knowledgebase. This also helps us, so we appreciate your assistance.

Pre Sales Department

Contact our Sales Department with sales or pre-sales questions regarding our services.
1: By Email: cs@9xhost.info
2: By Our Pre-sales Contact Form

Billing Department

To make any changes to your hosting plan or handle billing-related issues, contact the Billing Department.
1: By Email: cs@9xhost.info

Support Department

Any technical issues or problems related to your hosting account should be directed here.
1: Shared/Resller/VPS/Dedicated servers: support@9xhost.info
2: Genral Help: cs@9xhost.info

Instant Messenger(IM) Support

We also provide support via IM.
1: Skype: my9xhost
2: MSN/Live: info@server9x.com

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